zaterdag 13 mei 2017

Een nieuw team....een nieuwe uitdaging......

Exactly, after many blogs I gone through and long discussion with me and myself, I believe I have chosen some of the finest, some of the newest and some of the extraordinary. A fair chance to different levels and incredible variety that suits every taste. A total number of 18 gorgeous design team members have now joined me to make a big family together.

From Monday and forward, there will be lots of inspirations, advices, tutorials and lots more. It's everything we wish from simple card to most complicated mixed media projects and even projects you never thought about, sure I didn't myself either. The imagination is above the sky.

I invite you to visit their own blogs and you'll know what I mean. You can also read more about them on the their own page on Swedish House Crafts Blog.

Visit their blogs  and see for yourself. Not just that, wait until you see the magic happen here! I assure you it has never been like that before starting this Monday!

So excited and so thrilled the massive work they do and the hours they spend on their work to inspire us, teach us and let us fall in love with all the gorgeous items on market. Specially the Swedish ones though, lol! Here are some of my favourites of their works in a collage.

You can absolutely read more about each the team members on the page Design Team Members and they are always there on the main website whenever you are looking for an inspiration for anything you like to make. This team has experts in various fields, from cards to complicated mixed media projects. 

It's now your turn to tell us what you think!

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